Consulting Solutions

Centrix specializes in providing Work Disability Solutions.

These solutions include: Integrated Work Disability Prevention Program design including: implementing a Worker-Centric Approach, deploying best practices, and measuring Worker Engagement.

Our clients include:

  • Workers’ Compensation – Monopolistic jurisdictions, Self-insured employers, and Private Carriers in competitive markets.

  • Non-Occupational Illness/Injury – We have been providing consulting and case management services to the Non-occupational injury/illness industry since 2005

  • Employers – Managing your employee absences and Vocational Recovery can be difficult but implementing best practices can make the process much easier.

We can help you find the right pieces to solve the Work Disability puzzle for your organization

Case Management

The successful outcome of preventing Unnecessary Work Disability is highly correlated to successful case management and helping the worker progress through the various stages of recovery and RTW.

Case Management activities can range from an initial intake to medical management to return to work planning and everything in between. However, to be successful at preventing Unnecessary Work Disability return to work is a required goal to achieve.

  • Vocational Recovery – Vocational Recovery is simply the process towards gainful employment. This can range from returning to their own job, transitional work, alternate work, and retraining.

    • Specializing in complex case resolution
    • Work Disability triage assessment
    • Ergonomic Assessments
    • Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
    • Vocational retraining and job search
    • Assess medical and rehabilitation needs
  • MAP™: Motivation and Action Planning – We utilize MAP™ to actively engage the worker in the decisions and choices about their recovery and return- to-work.

  • Coaching and Mentoring – Do you feel your vendor is engaging your workers enough? Do you need some guidance on a particular case?

    We can provide coaching and mentoring to your vendors to help meet your expectations.

    Sometimes a quick consultation is all you need. Other times, you might want to utilize us to help manage the claim but still maintain control. We can provide insights, tips, case strategy, and provide guidance on appropriate resources.

PathForward Survey

An effective Vocational Recovery and RTW program should do two things: strengthen the worker’s experience AND reduce duration. Most surveys focus on whether the worker received good customers service. Customer service is important but there is mounting evidence that it is not enough to solve the unnecessary work disability problem. Customer service is not a proxy for engagement. Your survey needs ensure you are looking at the factors the engage and activate workers in their Vocational Recovery and RTW resulting in a timely return to the workplace.

  • The benefits of understanding how your Vocational Recovery and RTW is running

    • Understand the Effectiveness and Efficiency of your Program. We will show you where the gaps in your program are.
    • Improve worker reentry after an illness or injury. Do you know if your transitional duty program is promoting or inhibiting the return to regular duties? Is it working efficiently or is it prolonging total duration?
    • Increase accountability from service providers. How do you know if your TPA or Vendors are doing a good job? Are there blind spots in your program that are creating unnecessary delays in RTW?
  • Web based, Fast, Cost EffectiveWe look after it for you. We deploy the surveys so they remain confidential. We send out the invites and reminders.

  • Data driven – Qualitative and Quantitative data analysis is a potent combination to uncover the insights necessary to make meaningful adjustments to your Work Disability Prevention Program. We apply industry experience, data analysis expertise, and behavioral insights into your survey data. This is where the gold is. We will walk you through the findings and how to implement the recommended improvements.

You need a system to measure how you are doing bring workers back to work, after an injury or illness, and preventing the harm of unnecessary work disability.

Our survey will provide you with a Path Forward for ongoing improvements with actionable insights to implement.

Not sure if you need a survey?


We offer the most advanced training in Work Disability Prevention and a Worker-Centric approach. Our training is for anyone who interacts with workers in their recovery and return to work.

  • MAP™ Training – Motivation and Action Planning is the only truly Worker-centric model for Work Disability Prevention available.

  • Become MAP™ Certified – Certification in the only Worker-Centric Approach coming soon. Contact us if you want to be on the list to be notified.

  • Certified Work Disability Professional – The only certification for a Work Disability Professional coming soon. Contact us if you want to be on the list to be notified.

Our training is utilized by industry leaders, workers’ compensation boards, and employers who want to make a difference in preventing the harm caused by unnecessary Work Disability.


Pathway360 is the only platform of it’s kind that focuses on worker and supervisor engagement in the vocational recovery and RTW process. The supervisor and worker arguably have the most influence over the RTW outcome but are often left out in the Vocational Recovery process.

Pathway 360…

  • Supports:

    • Pathway360 allows employers to provide immediate and on-going support to injured worker ensuring higher engagement
    • Pathway360 provides HR Reps, injured Workers and their Supervisors with relevant, personalized educational resources ensuring they feel informed, empowered and supported regardless of their role in the process
  • Guides:

    • Pathway360 provides HR reps, Supervisors and injured Workers with a dynamic To Do List ensuring that everyone in the process knows exactly what they need to do next and why


    • Pathway360 provides regular check-ins for injured Workers to ensure they are progressing and continue to feel supported
  • Monitors

    • Pathway360 sends alerts to the HR Rep when To Do List items are not completed, or check-in results exceed the established threshold so issues can be identified and addressed quickly

Anyway you cut it, you need a system to increase engagement of workers and supervisors that provides you with meaningful and actionable insights not just a way to log the absence.

Discover The Future of Vocational Recovery and RTW