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RTW Alchemy is about turning worklessness into working and preventing the human, social, and economic harm of unnecessary work disability.

RTW Alchemy is the pursuit of a universal approach to preventing unnecessary work disability and a means to prolong working for people that experience injury or illness.

You will find articles, insights, videos covering all kinds of topics related to Work Disability and RTW outcomes.

Preventing Work Disability Podcast

Jen Arnold at Redesigning Wellness interview Jason Parker about the Worker-centric Approach to Work Disability Prevention. https://redesigningwellness.com/2019/02/129-preventing-work-disability-through-a-worker-centric-model-with-jason-parker-president-of-centrix-disability-management-services-inc/

Building a Better Compensation System

Nowadays, workers’ compensation is facing many problems and challenges. From the opt-out movement and constitutional concerns, to erosion of worker benefits and the Grand Bargain, to the race to the bottom to control costs, and [...]

When are you returning to work?

There seems to be a wave of change occurring in how we look at injured workers and their interactions in a compensation system. Whether it is Workers’ Compensation or Non-Occupational Compensation (read: short and long [...]

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